Tuesday, 31 August 2010

'Dreaming Out Loud' exhibition preview

'Dreaming Out Loud' is a show full of unconscious moments of genius, surprises, even accidents. Six artists share a common process where the subconscious has influenced, or even taken over, to create art that tells a story from deep within.

In this new collection of work, there are recognisable forms and themes that emerge from the abstract. These have been allowed to materialise through a variety of unusual processes, such as drawing blind, creating chemical reactions, and painting in a trance-like state. There is rarely a start, middle and end; the life of this artwork goes on beyond the physical process and continues to evolve with every new viewer's interpretation.

Suzanne Partridge builds a relationship with each of her paintings, without prior thought or planning. The palette is selected from mood, and layers of paint are applied and removed repeatedly until the end result represents the emotions and thoughts she was experiencing.

In Damian Daly's paintings and drawings, initial whimsical ideas form characters that develop on a journey of story telling. Initially, innocent fairy-tale characters are influenced by personal associations and then latent meanings emerge and numerous characters evolve over long periods.

Spontaneous, improvised, unpredictable. Harry Simmonds uses a multitude of unusual techniques to create raw images of portraits in his paintings. He only allows split second glimpses of his model to create components of a painting , which are then assembled to show the important memorable elements and discarding the waste of conformity.

Ann Goodfellow returns to View with a new collection, building on her sell-out show earlier this year. Her sculptures are 'drawn' using only the sense of touch and unusual markings emerge on beautiful self modelled ceramic bodies.

Photographer Charles Emerson uses ink, water and flowers to experiment with the boundaries between photography and painting, but without the use of digital manipulation. There is a sense of theatre in the process as ink is added to submerged flowers and a unique moment is captured in the 'performance'.

Installation and video artists Becky Kidson exhibits 'Fortress', where a search light emits abstract patterns that dance around the room from a honeycomb of taleidoscopes. The projections try to distract our attention from what is locked away in the centre of the fortress.

If we could build pictures from our dreams and capture the moments as they happen, we would be sharing our inner most hidden thoughts. We could translate the surreal and cryptic images into a visual expression. We could dream out loud.

'Dreaming Out Loud' runs from September 16th to November 14th 2010

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