Wednesday, 28 October 2009

Normandy Soto - for 3 days only

We are really excited to present Normandy Barcelo Soto at View. This fun-loving artist is very popular among the celebrity world, with his stunning, nature-inspired paintings. In true celebrity style he is making a big appearance in only 3 days: Friday 13th - Sunday 15th November 2009.

With a background in landscape design, Normandy's affinity with nature is captured by his use of earthy tones and natural colours. The visual aspect of the formation of rust and verdigris inspires his powerful, abstract work. Normandy uses a specialist paint that is mixed with iron and copper filings, more commonly found on Hollywood film sets where its purpose is to create a metallic appearance. The result of this innovative use of paint is a unique piece of art with an authentic effect.

In his own words:

"My work is created in the subconscious part of my imagination. I don't plan any picture or image beforehand. I always paint 'in the mood' and enjoy using natural pigment, although occasionally splash out on vibrant colours. I don't title my work, I let the work take on the names that other people have given them, so I don't influence what they see in them. My work is meant to be fun, moved, touched and explored"

We love Normandy's work and hope many people can share this short but very sweet experience. Here are some images of his paintings.

Monday, 12 October 2009

I Love Art Trails

There is so much to enjoy about an art trail. I liken it to a kind of art treasure hunt, but with an easy map and no clues to solve, other than the challenge of how to visit as many venues as possible in the time you have available. Whether you only have an hour or the luxury of an entire weekend, there will be a way of experiencing the magic of the trail.

Some people love to look at art from emerging local artists and some people love to meet new people or simply nose at their houses! The open-house nature of an art trail tells you much about the community spirit and the generosity of people sharing their homes for a weekend. Of course, they are also exhibiting their art and hoping for a few sales, but for many that doesn't seem to be the main appeal; an art trail is a big social event for like-minded people with a common interest.

Bristol has a fantastic art trail presence, with a very active calendar covering many areas. On the 17/18 October there is the West Bristol Arts Trail (View Art Gallery is one of the venues), followed by two more this year; Totterdown and North Bristol art trails are both in November. Earlier trails this year included Easton, Southbank, Bristol Art Fringe, St. Werburghs, and new ones continue to be announced.

The West Bristol Arts Trail is in its second year and includes the work of 120 artists in 50 venues. The variety of styles, medium and pricing will be vast, as will the different types of venue, which include homes, galleries, cafes, pubs, and churches. In the unlikely event you don't enjoy the art, you are bound to enjoy the walk, the company, and the exploration of parts of Bristol you haven't seen before. To download the map or see last years video, have a look at the website.

I hope you enjoy the West Bristol Art Trail next weekend and find the time to pop in and see us at View. Who knows, you may be inspired to open your house next year and show off your creativity.