Friday, 25 June 2010

Urban View 2

We're half way through the Urban View exhibition and we're refreshing it with a whole new collection of art, much of it created at this years UPFEST.

The festival this year was the biggest and best yet. The expanded area around the Tobacco Factory was packed with new and returning artists and the attendance was huge. If you haven't yet seen any photos of the festival then take a look here and you'll get a flavour of the weekend. The Urban View and UPFEST launch event was held at the gallery and this was also an exciting event. Around 300 people attended and were enjoying the live painting outside on the gallery wall and by the entrance door. Thankfully, the weather held up and we are grateful to Brothers who sponsored the event with some very tasty (and strong) pear cider. The outdoor activity was complimented by some wonderful art by UK and international artists inside the gallery. Take a look at these photos of the evening and in particular the progression of the art being created.

Urban View 2 opens on July 1st and runs through to July 18th. Some great names in the urban art world will be exhibiting, such as Fake, Agent Provocateur, T.wat, and ZeeZee. Many more new works will be part of a changing show that will look and feel different. Prices will start from just £100 for original art and there will be a more busy look to the show, with a large selection of work and artists.

It is also worth reminding ourselves of the support that UPFEST give to the NACOA charity, in terms of funding and awareness.

Enjoy the show.